ASICMiners USB Block Erupter

ASICMiners USB Block Erupter

The BitFountain team has released and gone public with their ASICMiner Block Erupter USB. The product is being sold on big retail sites like, and The Block Erupter USB uses 2.5w of energy, saving Miners countless dollars on their energy bill. It clocks in with a hash rate of 330mH. Which produces about .0019 bitcents per day each at the time of this writing. This puts these new ASIC USB chips at the top of the line for hobbyist looking to get in there and start generating bitcoins. Multiple Block Erupter’s can be daisy chained in a USB Hub to produce more power for your operation.

Here is an example setup by user MikeMike. You can view his post, with setup instructions here

It’s hard to say whether or not these will in the long-term be profitable. But it is a good starting place in my opinion. Many people will argue with new ASIC miners being released with power up to 200GH at a price of $2,500, they may very well be right. None the less, this is a good move for bitcoin as a whole, and will give many people who were oblivious of Bitcoin up to this point an easy way to make an entry.

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