The Bitcoin Game Huntercoin Is Gaining Attention

The Bitcoin Game Huntercoin Is Gaining Attention

A game built upon the blockchain software called “Huntercoin” or “HUC” is gaining quite the following in the last few weeks. The point of the game is to collect coins that spawn in certain areas on the map and make your way back to your teams base without being killed. If you do you will be awarded with the amount of coins you hold.

The client is very similar to the Bitcoin wallet as far as looks, with one huge change: The game itself. Also featuring a chat box which is filled with your typical trolls, enthusiast and gamers.

This is a much needed breath of fresh air from the recent crypto currency scene which seems to be clone coin after clone coin being released. And the developers are almost guaranteed to be dedicated to the project considering the 6+ month development time. This is a great opportunity to further merge the gaming community with Bitcoin.

There’s a total of 84 Million coins to be created, and it costs 1.1 HUC to create a character. 85% of the coins mined are placed on the map for users to pickup at spawn points within the game. Currently 1 HUC is exchanging for about 0.0013 BTC, fluctuating around the $1 USD range, with a total volume averaging 25 BTC per day on the Poloniex coin exchange.

You can download the Huntercoin game and read more about it on the official website here.

Huntercoin Crypto Currency


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