Bitcoin Ticker Supposedly Arrived At Bloomberg

Bitcoin Ticker Supposedly Arrived At Bloomberg

Bitcoin ticker arrived recently at the Bloomberg terminal and that is the central part of all the data that is on Wall Street plus beyond. The only ones testing this system so far might just be the employees because it has only been internally released. MtGox and TradeHill are both included in the price sources.

Last Monday people overheard this at the Satoshi Square and the info came from one of the employees that works at Bloomberg. The great news is the BTC Geek team has also confirmed it.

In regards to the world of secretive, Bitcoin is starting to gain some much needed legitimacy. It is officially documented that there is a lot of current interest in what happens with Bitcoin and that includes the bank traders at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. One thing to remember is that Bloomberg is not out there for the money because they do not make the trades themselves. Bloomberg does see it as a way to provide information to their clients and this also means people involved in the world of finances are very various when it comes to Bitcoins being a new currency.

Customers cannot have access yet to this but the employees can which means, Bloomberg could be taking some special precautions with it. Greek Drachma currently is labeled now as XGD while Bitcoin is now XBT.

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