How To Buy Bitcoins With USD

How To Buy Bitcoins With USD

One obstacle in the way of Bitcoin entrepreneurs is having a reliable way to turn their Bitcoin into useable fiat. There are several options available for buying and selling Bitcoins that i’m going to tell you about now.


Peer 2 Peer


There is always the chance you can find a seller locally that you can meet in person and do a USD to Bitcoin transaction using your phone, or laptop. Alternatively you can find someone and that is willing to accept the payment processor you are offering and do business online. Varying from Western Union, Paypal, Wire Transfers and more. You can use a service such as to find a seller near you and arrange the details from there.

Bitcoin Markets

A Bitcoin and four national flags

You can signup at your local Bitcoin market, Each exchange has various funding options ranging from Wire transfers, Cash in the mail, and other 3rd Party Payment Processors. There’s a list of bitcoin markets and their current prices in USD available on


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