Buy Mining Power Instantly With

Buy Mining Power Instantly With

I first heard about several months ago when they first introduced themselves to the Bitcoin community. It is a trading platform that allows you to instantly buy hashing power, and have it instantly setup with their pool The platform is seriously cool and gives you an oppurtunity to test the Bitcoin mining waters without actually buying any hardware. Currently right now on 1GHz of mining power is 0.024 Bitcoins. This means if you invest 1 Bitcoin you get about 45GHz worth of mining power. Which would generate about $10 per day. It’s not a bad idea if you consider that you can sell those GHz for more then you paid if you play your cards right. Making a profit from trading the GHz and also making a profit from the mining power you accumulate. Bitcoin Mining Pool

Since launching has also added a number of other currencies to their market to broaden there influence in the crypto community. Adding LTC, NMC, IXC, and DVC to their roster. When you own mining power there you automatically merge mine NMC, IXC and DVC to create a better chance at overall profits.

Go ahead and check out The Exchange More indepth and comment here with your experience.


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