CoinTerra GSX I 400GHs Bitcoin Mining Hardware

CoinTerra GSX I 400GHs Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Cointerra has announced a new product added to their Bitcoin mining hardware lineup. The new product is a Bitcoin miner operating at 400GHs and capable of being overclocked. The product is set to ship in June 2014 and available for pre order. The product is starting at $1,599, placing the rate at about $3.50 per GHs. The product will be able to be plugged into your computer PCI Express slot for ease of installation and use. This may be a viable option for those of you willing to put your money out there for a preorder, Personally I choose to buy my mining hardware when it is ready to be shipped to the front door. But the Pre Order situation on ASICs seems to be never ending.


Check out the GSX I by CoinTerra on their website here.


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