Things Running Smoothly With The HashFast GN Chip

Things Running Smoothly With The HashFast GN Chip

It has now been confirmed by Bob Smith “Senior VP Marketing & business Development” that things are running smooth with the HashFast GN chip. The device could be tapeout in August. One of the key points with the project has been working with the design team. The team has been specifically selected for the ASIC designs and they have worked together closely with tem in order to have the project completed on time.

Due to the cooperation it appears that the HashFast GN aka “Golden Nonce” should be tapeout successfully in the month of August and that is ahead of the schedule planned originally. The plan is to exceed or meet the performance specifications with being able to produce around 400 Gigahash per second and yet at the same time should consume just around under One Joule Per Gigahash which would be the normal speed. Most believe that it will produce a much higher hashing performance; done via the over cloaking and or either with the under cloaking or by delivering efficiency faster.

Bob Smith and the team is looking forward to releasing it to the public and seeing the performance of the HashFast GN Chip at work.


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