A State Representative Raised $1,600 By Accepting Bitcoins

A State Representative Raised $1,600 By Accepting Bitcoins

New Hampshire State Rep. Mark Warden did something that a lot of political candidates have not done yet and that was to accept some contributions by using bitcoins.

The state of New Hampshire has already been one of the havens for advocates that is all for this currency virtually. In just three days he managed to raise over 160 bitcoins and at that time it was equivalent to around $1,600.

He is now not the only politician to use Bitcoins.  Jeremy Hansen, who ran for the Vermont’s State Senate and is a computer science professor also accepted bitcoins as part of their donations. Eric Olson did the same.

However, the thing that stands out with Warden is that he had some surprising sources with his donations. He quickly discovered that his wallet was full with a lot of contributions from places such as South America and Europe. Warden stated that they did not know anything about him but people want to see Bitcoins becoming the mainstream.

Warden realized fast that if he accepted the donations internationally it might put him on the wrong side with the election laws. He ended up giving all the money back that he raised from the foreign sources. He ended up arranging an agreement with Bit pay.

Near the beginning of the month the conservative political action committee has asked the Federal Election Commission that they start recognizing the bitcoins as contributions. The Bitcoin Foundation is considered the industry group and it just recently talked with the government officials to go over this regulation which might be possible.  If the decision is in the favor of Bitcoin after the FEC rules then Bitcoins will get a chance to have a grant with the currency and add in some legitimacy.

Warden said: “If we can get the FEC to give its blessing, that helps the movement overall and it helps some candidates who choose to accept Bitcoin and not put them in any legal or political hot water. That’s the camp I’m in.”

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